Friday, May 21, 2010

Bags For Every Budget

A great bag is timeless.  Ideally, it's both stylish and functional.  The right bag stays with you, holds your essentials and pulls together an outfit.  To be honest, I own fewer purses than any woman I know.  I admire women who match all their outfits with a slew of fabulous fashion statement bags, but my tendency is to use a favorite bag for just about everything until it falls apart.  I hate changing bags because I always leave something out that I need.  So when I do buy a new one, I have a tall order to fill.  My bag needs to be well made, durable, versatile, flattering and classic.  I look for the perfect size with lots of pockets to hold things.  I also like a sleek, slender and attractive shape.

Purses can be expensive.  So whether you're an under buyer like me -- looking for that one great, multi-purpose bag, or need some new arm candy for a swanky event you're attending, check out these cool sites.  You'll find a myriad of designers, a wide selection of styles and some amazing deals for under $100:

1) Nicole Lee – For fun unique bags with funky details.  Very fashion forward.  Click on “sample sale” for unbelievable reductions.
2) HSN – Choices galore on this site.  Look at the “sale” and “clearance” sections.
3) My Big Buddha – All vegan bags. A tremendous variety of styles, sizes and colors.  Reasonably priced.
4) – A large inventory of designer and quality merchandize at warehouse prices.  Terrific customer care too.  Low $2.99 shipping per order.
5) – They're not just for shoes anymore.  Renown for top customer service.  Free shipping both ways.

Browse and pick your bag at a price you want to spend.  Enjoy!

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  1. I'm a handbag addict. Thanks for these sites.