Thursday, May 27, 2010

Style Your Shoes In Comfort

I'm not giving up my Dr. Scholl's insoles.  They're less than $2.00 a pair and give casual and closed toe shoes the extra cushion I sometimes need.  But occasionally a full insole makes my shoe too snug in the toe box, or can't be worn in sandals without showing.  Well for these times I have another solution -- Foot Petals.  I recommend two of the brand's foot accessories, when a Dr. Scholl's counterpart doesn't work: the Killer Kushionz, a thin nearly full insole that easily slides into high heels and the Tip Toes, or ball-of-foot cushions, which stop your feet from sliding forward.  Both have sticky tabs with adhesive backings and are invisible worn in open toe shoes.  I'm using the Killer Kushionz in 3-inch stilettos and the Tip Toes in flats to absorb shock and provide a little extra support.  They're more expensive than Dr. Scholl's products,  so you might forgo the pricy combination kits and buy just the shoe pads needed to resolve your foot discomfort.  However, they are pretty,  and your shoes will be stylish inside and out. Sold online and at Ricky's-Drug-and-Beauty stores in New York City. Average cost: $3.00 - $12.95 a piece.

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