Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Extra Storage Solutions

A PopHome ottoman
Do we ever have enough storage for all our stuff? To avoid clutter everything we own should have a home. After moving into a Manattan apartment, I learned to buy savvy pieces to help organize a room. Keep your space tidy with these useful, inexpensive furnishings:
Ottoman by Seville Classics.
1) Ottomans - A multi-purpose ottoman serves as extra seating; lets you put your feet up in comfort; and stores blankets, pillows; knitting and sewing tools; or toys. Some have tops that flip over to become a coffee table. The above oatmeal-beige ottoman not only seats a 400 lb adult, plus holdes lots of essentials, it folds up to be tucked away if not in use. Positioned near a door, it could house scarves, gloves, or shoes.

2) Walmart sells these adorable storing cubes - 2 for $15. While multiple storage units, consisting of 3, 4 or more cubes are also available, what I like about the single cubes includes: They are sturdy, mobile, have ample storage and a small footprint. You can use them as accent tables; and sometimes a pair of single storage cubes are all you really need to keep a room neat.

3) Acrylic Wall Mounted Shelves - The Container Store sells these, sleek, translucent, floating shelves. Available as single, double or corner shelves, their transparency is suitable for any type of room, leaving it airy.

4) Decorative Floating Wall Mounted Shelves - add style to a room while creating a place for your clock, phone or flowers. Small enough to fit beside a bed, near a couch or inside a nook.

5) Bathroom caddies - A shower, or bathroom space saving caddy helps you organize your necessities by using vertical square feet. I prefer the open, as opposed to, a closed, solid design -- which could box in a small bathroom to feel claustrophobic. Of course, an open caddy lets guests see everything, so you are forced to straighten up!

You don't need to shell out big bucks on storage solutions to be organized. Why pay more when these clever items help to get the job done!

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  1. I really love those ottomans which are just what we need at our place. Our old ones are greatly in need of replacing, but I never see what I want. Must try harder!

    1. I hope to see what you decide to buy, round, square or rectangle and then the fabric.

  2. This is a great time of year for this post, Debra. With kids starting/returning to college, space-saving, double-duty items are in abundant supply at The Container Store, Pier One and Bed, Bath and Beyond, to name just a few. This is the perfect time to shop for these items.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. You are so right, Marie-Thérèse! I was at The Container Store this evening and what did I see? Parents and their college aged children with carts full of these items for their dorms. When I was in college, we had to go to Target to get similar, if less sophisticated, space savers.

      I think furnishing a dorm room is excellent training for furnishing an average York City apartment even when lucky to live in a desirable one. :)