Friday, March 18, 2016

A Round Up Of Cute Evening Bags

Vince Camuto Gilda Minaudiere Evening Bag
Fancy evening purses are pretty, but you can't get much in them: a lipstick, a tissue, a small comb and perhaps a $20 (emergency) bill, if you're lucky. Still if you ever have an occasion to wear a ball gown, you probably own a few of them.
Vince Camuto Luv Minaudiere
Mine looks very much like this (above) black clutch. It has a gold chain making it possible to hang the purse off my shoulder, but I don't recommend doing so, because the sequins catch on the gown. I didn't anticipate this (a con) when the shimmer (a pro) tempted me to buy it.
Vince Camuto Aleni Minaudiere Evening Bag

Here's a a geometric, metallic evening bag for a modern woman. With such a smooth, glossy surface, there is nothing to catch on a ball gown. Is it your style?

Lath.Pin Sequins Beaded Peacock Evening Bag Wedding Bridal Party Pom

For the woman who loves nature, how about a peacock beaded bag to complement your gown? It comes in pink also.
 Blue Betsey Johnson Fluff Clutch
And speaking of pink, how about this ultra feminine rose pedal number from Betsey Johnson? But if you're not feeling the pink, it comes in two shades, black and white.

J. Furmani Crystal and Stone Hardcase Clutch

And just when you think a clutch can't get any shorter, guess what? It can! You may have to choose: Will you carry an ink pen, or your lip balm? Forget about sliding a compact of face powder in this purse. You'll need to dab the shine off your forehead using a tissue or a single piece of blotting paper.

Do you have a favorite type of evening bag? Tell us, can you get all your essentials in it?

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