Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Drugstore Lipstick Worth Buying

The image doesn't do justice to these lovely L'Oreal and N.Y.C. nudes!
Once upon a time customers had to pay big bucks for designer lipstick to get rich pigments and gorgeous colors because they were not found in a drugstore aisle. That's not true anymore! THE SAVVY SHOPPER loves to feature drugstore lipstick that goes toe-to-toe with their luxe rivals.

So, here are two more drugstore lipsticks for less. Although under $10, each brand gives lipstick wearers the characteristics we want, namely: 

a) Flattering shades in nude, brown, pink, plum, coral and red.
b) Colors in matte and satin formulas. 
c) A moist, smooth (like butter) formula that won't dry your lips.
d) Colors that last for hours.

I tested the following brands in 4 nude shades. Nude is this season's hot, trendy color, and yet, staying power is notoriously hard to find in a nude.

 1) L'Oreal - is a first-rate drugstore lipstick from a famous cosmetic company. L'Oreal is the sister label of Lancome, but is less than half the price. Lancome and L'Oreal have the same French parent company, and some customers wonder if they are made in the same factory. The company denies it, but hmm? Sure feels like it!

I bought 2 colors: L'Oreal Colour Riche - Sandstone/810, as well as, L'Oreal Collection Exclusive - Eva's Nude/610.

5 stars or hearts rating: 

2) N.Y.C. - is a first-rate drugstore lipstick that is less famous. It sells at Duane Reade and Walmart for a price you will not believe. At Duane Reade I bought one formula for $2.19 and another for $1.09 (regular price). Walmart sells the very same N.Y.C. lipsticks for $1.99 and .99. If you spot this brand, don't let the savings make you fear the lipstick is inferior. The N.Y.C. brand feels and wears like a $25 lipstick.

I selected 2 colors: NYC Expert Last Rouge a Levres - Creamy Caramel/440 and NYC Moisture Lip Wear - Cafe/301

The N.Y.C. nudes wear longer then Bobbi Brown's nudes! Plus, you can buy all the colors in the N.Y.C. line for the cost of one Bobbi Brown lipstick.

5 stars or hearts rating: 

This is drugstore lipstick worth buying and loving ... you're welcome!

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