Thursday, March 10, 2016

Learn To Love Green Tea

Sometimes a person wants something to drink besides water. In an effort to stop drinking soda, I began drinking jugs of Arizona Black Tea, purchased from the supermarket. Arizona Black Tea (with healthy anti-oxidants) is good for the body, but apparently not for the teeth. After drinking gallons of the tea, suddenly my teeth are sensitive. Ouch! At first I didn't know what was wrong. So I did some research, and sure enough, it is caused by the acid in ready-made tea.

Holy Mother of God! Is there nothing delicious humans can enjoy without an undesirable consequence? No sister, there is not! Sooo now I must re-evaluate.

As the zeitgeist would have it, I just started making Kombucha. The fermented tea, which is packed with beneficial probiotics, has the carbonation I miss in soda. But, it takes about 10 days to ferment, and I can't keep up with production. So I have to supplement Kombucha with something else ... but what?

As it turns out, home brewed iced tea is less acidic than commercial iced tea; therefore, I bought boxes of black, oolong, green and white teas. I must learn to like brewed green tea; or I'll mix green tea with one of the other three teas. Because ... 

According to Prevention magazine, there's good reason to drink green tea:

"Not only is green tea gloriously calorie free, it can also help spur fat burn and weight loss. In one study, participants who drank four cups of green tea daily for 2 months lost an average of about 6 more pounds, compared with those who drank just plain water, according to research published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. Another 2013 analysis from the European Journal of Nutrition found that regular green teadrinkers weigh less, have smaller waists, and reap these green tea health benefits. (Scientists speculate green tea's combo of catechin antioxidants and caffeine are behind the effect.) Choose fresh, hot brewed tea with nothing added—store-bought bottled brews tend to have fewer antioxidants and can be loaded with excess sugar. Stay away from unregulated green tea supplements, too: They're a frequent cause of liver damage and may contain unsafe doses of compounds isolated from tea.''

Sooo, it's settled. Brewed green tea is my new daily beverage. And yes, I will learn to like it. Perhaps lemon, or mint, or a spice will jazz it up. What food or drink have you learned to like?

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