Thursday, March 3, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday To THE SAVVY SHOPPER

THE SAVVY SHOPPER turns 7 years old today! How time flies.

I began the THE SAVVY SHOPPER because seven years ago, the consumer magazine where I worked, was busy developing its online presence, and at the time I noticed that all newspapers and magazines were doing the exact same thing, so intuitively, I knew that anyone who wants to write would have to know about websites. How to learn? Start one.

What I didn't know was how important social media would become, and how the internet would effect print journalism. Seven years ago, Pinterest was still in its infancy. Instagram and Snapchat didn't exist. No one knew what to do with Google+. News, entertainmentfashion and beauty bloggers weren't prominent, and people (in error) still said "I twitter when they meant I tweet." 

How times change! For better or worse, now everybody is on the internet. Ordinary people have a platform. A voice. Content comes from everywhere. Publishing is quick and easy with the click of a button. Personally, I think the positives are many. The world has opened up.
Unwittingly, I created a job for myself. I love hearing from readers and fellow bloggers! I learn a great deal from you and take my responsibility to publish worthy, correct content very seriously.

At THE SAVVY SHOPPER, we are a global community. Thank YOU for enriching my world. And now, here's to another year of living, learning, writing and sharing.

Let's eat a cupcake in solidatory!

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  1. Happy Seventh birthday, Savvy Shopper! Your blog is always well researched, and so informative. I get quite jealous of the products you can access:)

    1. Thanks for the good wishes, Patricia! I think if you ever visited NYC, we'd just have to run around so you could stock up on all the fun and very affordable products.

      I suppose the steep shipping costs have more to do with import duties than what it actually costs to ship to Australia. That would seem to apply if Puritan's Pride and Amazon charges alot for shipping. I have ordered a product that came from Ireland and England from Amazon -- shipping each time came to $7-$8.

  2. This is a belated Happy Birthday. I enjoy the blog immensely, and like its sometimes offbeat ideas. Keep up the great work, SavvvyShopper

    1. Barry, thanks for the belated good wishes. Glad you're finding the blog useful!