Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Favorite Oscar Gowns 2016

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Although we still have a long Oscar night ahead of us, here are my quick picks of favorite red carpet gowns tonight. If I had to describe this year's look at the Academy Awards, it is pretty (as opposed to) drop dead, show stopping glamour. Tasteful without taking too many risks. Still the actors (and various spouses) look sharp!

I think the following gowns stand out: 1) Elisa Fisher in Marchesa; 2) Naomi Watts wearing Armani Prive; 3) Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture; 4) Game of Thrones's Sophie Turner in a Galvan; 5) Brie Larson wearing Gucci; and 6) Musician Dave Grohl's wife, Jordyn, in an unknown designer's lovely red dress.

Full disclosure: If a vivid blue dress is half-way flattering, I will always love it! I adore sapphire blue. 
Who would you add?  Theater

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  1. Always fun looking at the Oscars gowns. I just finished going through and picking my best - and two of them are also on your list: Naomi Watts and Brie Larson. Great minds think alike, as my mother used to say :)

    1. Oh Tricia, Naomi and Brie's dresses are gorgeous! Vivid blues and the way they fall! I agree with anyone who says I have a great mind. FINALLY, someone notices! :)

      I always think some of the red carpet dresses must look better in person, but probably don't photograph as well as others. Why .. that's reason enough to invite 2 bloggers, namely us, out to Los Angeles with tickets to watch next year's Oscars, don't you think? ;) We could get into some mischief!

    2. Ha, that sounds like a good idea. What fun to do the red carpet!!