Monday, February 8, 2016

Winterize Your Skin: Natural Awakenings Advanced Healing Skin Cream

Manuka honey is the healing ingredient.
Winter is rough on skin. My hands used to feel dry and chapped, my cuticles cracked, and the skin below my knees flaked off like dandruff. But not this winter.

Slathering on rich moisturiser all winter long, right now I'm using Alba Botanical Very Emollient Body Lotion Original Unscented, and it's making a difference.

For years I made the mistake of using lotions and creams that contain perfume. Freesia smelled great! Although my aim was to moisturize my skin, the perfume in the lotion was, in fact, drying it out. Essential oils are different. Although essential oils have fragrance, they are not drying when added to moisturizers, and certain essential oils go further to benefit the skin with healing and anti-aging properties.

Nowadays I'm always on the lookout for good skin care products. Choice is good for consumers.

At my local health food store, I stumbled upon another promising skin cream, Natural Awakenings Advanced Healing Skin Cream. It's more expensive than what I buy, but it has some ultra hydrating and therapeutic  ingredients. The balm contains essential oil of rosehip, peppermint, nutmeg, clove, black pepper and lavender; aloe vera; shea butter; oat flour; flower essence of oak, sunflower, pine and vervain. It also has Manuka honey (from New Zealand) which has anitbacterial properties. Manuka honey is used to heal damaged skin. 

The Advanced Healing Skin Cream is in the not cheap, but affordable catagory. Depending on how chapped and raw your skin is, it might be worth the price. You could also try adding essential oils and the honey in your cupboard (as all honey is antibacterial) to your present (perfumeless) skin lotion, until you can justify paying the piper. There's nothing wrong with adding the same beneficial ingredients of a quality formula to make a DIY skin potion for less!


  1. I have elderly relatives that I look after.

    One had various skin things going on but after I told the dermatologist where to stick his $700 /tiny bottle custom branded skin creme (not covered by Medicare by the way), and I had a pharmacist intervene -since the Doc was not about to talk to me, it emerged that EUCERIN, available over the counter, could do just as much as the custom branded junk, for $13 / large bottle.

    Also, on the elderly relative front, I've also been buying CEREAVE lotion which seems to provide the needed moisture and has cut down on the itching.

    In my own case- not elderly but getting there, I got some JERGENS lotion last winter when I was on a trip and feeling a little rugged. It is very soothing and stopped the flaking (not quite like dandruff, but I get your drift). From trips abroad, I got some hotel sized NIVEA and also L'OCCITAINE (w/ Shea butter). Supplies have run out, but they both smelled yummy and did a great job on moisturizing.

    1. Barry, glad you found something that works and is inexpensive.

  2. OK, the lotion that I got from a biz trip staying on a 5 star hotel (client paid) in Europe is L'Occitaine Lait Corperel (Body Lotion) There are many ingredients but the "three essential oils" that they are describing are lavender, tea tree, and geranium essential oils, then they also say that it's enriched with grape seed oil. So I like the smell and the texture, but don't know enough about all these oils to compare with the yummy stuff mentioned in your blog entry. As far as L'Occitaine, it's expensive. These guys have their own stores- so consider all the overhead involved. So, yes, I did find some inexpensive lotions, my supply of the one that I really would like to go to town on is rapidly being depleted.