Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Play-by-Play Complimentary Show Tickets

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One of New York City's best kept secrets is Play-by-Play, an organization that offers its subscribers a selection of unsold tickets to a variety of entertainment events. Events include Broadway, off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway shows, as well as, sports, music concerts, comedy clubs, lectures and special events. 

Here's how it works: Play-by-Play posts the day's available events to a website. Members log on to check availability and order tickets. They pay $115 per year for membership, then pay a $4.50 processing fee per ticket. With a single membership, a subscriber can order up to 2 tickets per show; a double membership costs $222 and gives a subscriber up to 4 tickets per show. The tickets are non-transferable. Only members of Play-by-Play can use them.

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It's a terrific deal all around. Producers get a full house of enthusiastic patrons, while members get to enjoy plays, concerts, operas, dance, comedy, lectures, sightseeing tours and more. If you live in New York City, it's an unbeatable value, but if you only visit the city during the year, a membership still pays for itself. One Broadway show, or Madison Square Garden concert will set you back more than the price of a Play-by-Play one year's membership.

Not all the popular shows appear on Play-by-Play, but you'd be surprised at what does. Many Broadway shows get listed while in previews, or on a day when it is important for the house to be filled to capacity.

Play-by-Play is for people who enjoy all forms of entertainment. How else can you see a Broadway show, or Met's game complimentary, paying a small service fee? With a membership, you can take chances on entertainment, go out every night of the week, or see things you'd otherwise miss, all without emptying your bank account.

Often you pick up your tickets at the venue's box office. At other times, you meet a Play-by-Play representative, close to the theater. Although all the Play-by-Play reps I've met are fabulous, I sometimes wonder if an unknowing person who sees our transaction from across the street is mistaking the handoff of theater tickets in a white envelope for a drug deal going down. :)

Play-by-Play makes it very easy to see lots of plays and a variey of shows. It's an amazing site with a great staff!
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