Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday Thoughts

Caravaggio: The Incredulity of St. Thomas
To get your fix of the festive Easter eggs, ducklings and bunnies I usually post on this holiday, go here. But this year, let's change it up a bit. There are many unsettling world events, including recent terrorism in France, Belgium and Turkey, as well as, the hateful rhetoric we hear from one presidential candidate in the United States. Worldly and personally, life always has challenges. So why is Easter celebrated?

Christianity recognizes that good and evil exist in the world. Traditional Christianity teaches that humanity has a basic flaw, called sin (which is to "miss the mark"). It says, when we choose sin over good, it shatters our relationship with God and one another. Christians believe God sent his only son to overcome sin, and in doing so, humanity was restored to grace ("the free, unmerited favor of God," also "divine influences to inspire virtuous impulses").

In the end, believing requires a leap of faith. That's why I love Caravaggio's beautiful painting of Christ with St. Thomas. By nature, I'm more like St. Thomas, than I am like St. Peter or St. Paul, the two transcending leaders of the early Church. Definitely, I'm the person who'd ask to put my fingers in the wounds to believe. Then after, I might still have some doubts! The Christ in the Gospels and painting accepts it. If anything, Jesus is for transparency, "Come, touch. See for yourself."

Easter celebrates a belief that ultimately good will defeat evil and eternal life will replace death. It encourages us to have hope and human perseverance. 

And now, let's go on a blog pilgrimage! Join me in marveling at some of the most stunning stain glass in Christian churches around the world. Regrettably, I can only post a few:

Church of Notre-Dame au Sablon, Brussels, Belgium
Notre-Dame Cathedral of Reims - windows by Marc Chagall
St Nicolaaskerk Church, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Happy Easter Everyone!
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Check out this jaw-dropping mosque also.

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  1. A lovely and thoughtful post Debra. I find Caravaggio's paintings eternally fascinating and they bring the Christian message in a very realistic way. The stained glass churches are beautiful, and ones I have never seen so thank you for sharing these. Best of all I love your perfect explanation of the Christian message - sometimes it really helps to get back to the basics!

    1. Thank you, Tricia. I always love reading your thoughts on a blog I write. I agree,it's amazing what a realistic painter Caravaggio was. The rough and tumble life he lead is interesting to read about too. He was very quick to anger and got into a number of street brawls. It is thought that perhaps the high lead content in the paint at that time might have caused his violent behavor. What a pity, if true. Such a brilliant painter.

  2. What a great blog! I was recently in Italy and marveled at the stained glass and artwork in churches. Did not go to the well known ones, just wandered around. Best accidental wandering was at Espirito Santo in Firenze, where there is a cross made by Michaelangelo. Happy Easter

    1. Oh lucky you, Barry! I was in Italy many years ago. I visited all the well know churches at the time. Just in case I never got back, I wanted to hit all the famous tourist spots in several Italian cities. Loved Italy. Hope you ate the delicious food also.