Thursday, March 24, 2016

Extras That Make Home Life Easy

Although I live in a small New York City apartment, I have Outlet Surge Protector Power Strips throughout my living/bedroom and kitchen. Many people don't think to buy extra power strips for their electrical sockets. But after thinking about it, why must a homeowner unplug one appliance to use another? With extra power strips, you don't! Plus, no more crawling behind a couch, refrigerator or bed to plug in and unplug appliances. I recommend spending a few more dollars to get the Outlet Surge Protector Power Strips, as opposed to, a strip that doesn't safeguard your electronics. In the event of a power surge, you'll be thankful not to need a new computer, printer or television. As a precaution, don't overload a single power strip; instead buy more of them.
A television remote is another accessory to buy several of for your home. 

My longtime friend, Cara Sue, counted the four I have laying in strategic spots in my living room. She enjoyed teasing me by asking, "How lazy does a person have to be to have four TV remote controls in one room?"  

But au contraire, it's brilliant! You can reach for a remote control from any area in my living room, whether 1) standing in front of the TV; 2) sitting on the couch, 3) using the computer at a table; or 4) reclining on the opposite side of the room. 

As I said to Cara Sue, "What good is a remote control, if you always have to get up to fetch it?'' It defeats the purpose of a remote control, no? (Note: I had to break my habit of carrying my remotes off from their strategic spots for my system to work, but no one starts off perfect. Practice makes a system perfect.😊)

For the 3 extras, I bought 3 identical universal remotes that are easy to program with a code to work with my television. They cost about $6 each, compared to the $50 the television manufacturer charges for its brand. You want to buy identical extra remote controls to keep life simple. If each remote is different (like a puzzle) you have to think too hard to find the buttons.
Another tool I stash in strategic places in my apartment are scissors. I have scissors in two spots in my kitchen for opening food packages, as well as, a pair on a living room shelf for opening mail and FedEx packages. Before I bought extra scissors, I spent too much time looking for them; and the scissors were never in the room where I needed them. A problem easily solved by buying several pairs.

In the end, buying multiples of inexpensive home accessories and tools can make life simple. Have you improved life by buying extras of an item?

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  1. I move around a lot, though happily all the travel will be subsiding in a week or so. At certain times, I've actually packed a power strip and have hooked it up in airports and sometimes on trains where there are outlets. some of the cruise industry professionals talk about "BYOD" (bring your own device) but I would modify that to BYOPS (bring your own power strip).

    The scissors you show are also very useful, I would also suggest one of those utility type devices that includes corkscrew, small knife, bottle opener.

    And also, in this age of devices a USB adapter (sort of like an electrical extension cord) has served me well at home, office, on the road.

    1. Yes and yes, Debra. We use power strips quite a lot as this house is short on power points. And like you, I have scissors dotted around - just counted up - in five rooms! Happy Easter to you.

    2. Great minds think alive, Patricia! Enjoy the Easter weekend.