Thursday, October 26, 2017

Gotham Gets Halloween Ready

So I took a stroll in my neighborhood today. All Hallows' Eve is a mere 5 days away, and Gotham is almost ready!
The Village has its annual parade, but as you can see, the Upper East Side is no slouch in the haunting, shrieking, undead department either.  
Rats, bats, ghouls, and skulls. What a scream! Will you wear a costume to keep the demons away?
A gargoyle dangles from its post while skeletons and severed heads wait to rise on Fright Night.
Spiders, lacerated faces, and mummies take their positions. Don't blink ... danger!!
New York Natives who have seen better days, take in the fresh air above a familiar row of tombstones.
An Old Enchantress, dressed in black, enjoys some leisure by sitting on the porch ahead of the big night.
Spirits hang around killing, um time before the howling begins.
Live-ins envisioning the knock of visitors at the front door.

Putting one's best face, hand, claw, eyeball, and fangs forward to greet all passersby.
Happy Halloween!

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  1. Oh my, I have never seen anything like this Debbie. In Australia there are almost no Halloween decorations, although some children do Trick or Treat. It must be a bit scary in the dark! Is that crouching creature in the first picture one I saw in Ghost Busters, I wonder?

    1. Trish, I know who you are thinking of, Zuul, The Gatekeeper! To me, it looks like a different gargoyle.

      In writing a blog, you learn new things. I did not know, that on midevil churches gargoyle were carved to remove water from a roof to keep it from running down the walls of the building. That is their main purpose. They are made to look grotesque in the hopes of frightening away evil spirits. Apparently in early times, man thought God needed a little help!😊