Wednesday, December 5, 2012

At Overstock Find It For Less

Suburban comfort, or edgy styles, an online retailer, launched in 1999.  The merchandise it offers is vast – everything from health and beauty products ... to jewelry ... to shoes and apparel ... to furniture and home furnishings ... to kitchen gadgets and electronics.  In short, if you need it, Overstock probably sells it.  

The company either buys inventory from other retailers, or manages the inventory for other retailers.  Also, workers in developing countries make homemade goods especially for Overstock.

Personally, I check Overstock before buying just about anything.  There is always a great deal, plus customer service is excellent.  Low and free shipping makes buying even heavy items affordable.  I am very happy with the quality of a jute rug (with a cotton border), Wolfgang Puck slow cooker and Timex watch (with a geniune leather band) I purchased at unbeatable prices. Overstock is the place where I plan to buy my next sofa.

Also, you can find the perfect gift and have Overstock deliver it directly to out-of-town family, saving you the fuss and cost of extra postage.  Once my mother and I nearly got into a telephone spat after I sent her a beautiful pearl necklace from Overstock that she insisted could not be real pearls at the price I paid.  (How about I LOVE them!?!)  They were real, and she does love them, so all is good.  However, I must say, if I were selecting jewelry as an investment (my next life!), instead of as something pretty to wear, I probably wouldn't buy it online.  Not heirloom-grade, but very nice, indeed; the jewelry is real silver and gold with real jewels. 

As always ... research a product thoroughly, plus read all the customer reviews to avoid ordering mistakes.  In addition, customer care answers product questions online and by phone.  If you make a few purchases a year -- such as ink cartridges for a printer and/or gifts -- I recommend joining Club O -- to earn 5% (and more on exclusive products), as well as, free shipping on all your orders.  Club O quickly pays for itself.

At you will find true value without depleting your back account.

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  1. Well this sounds real amazing to find such pretty collection of furniture at such great prices real fascinating and much inspiring.