Saturday, December 29, 2012

SoulBike Or Exerpeutic 400XL ... It's All Good

SoulCycle, a fitness studio that has taken the world of celebrities and urban professionals by storm, is now selling its bike.  The bright yellow bike comes with weights and Delta Look clips (needed for cycling shoes).  Like the SoulCycle classes, the SoulBike is for consumers with big budgets.  Retailing at $2,200, it is quite an investment.

Fans of SoulCycle praise the spin classes as physically, mentally and spiritually uplifting.  A 45 minute class (costing $32, + $3 to rent shoes) combines high energy music with jumps, dips, push-ups and dance movements, resulting in a full body workout.  Now enthusiasts with deep pockets have the opportunity to take the bike home.  The question is, will it sit idle outside of class?

If you can't spend 22 Benjamin Franklins on a stationary bike, you might consider the Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Semi Recumbent Exercise Bike.  Although not for spinning, it is well designed to give you a challenging cardiovascular workout.  It will keep you in shape, as well as, leave you with a few dollars to take your favorite spin classes.

Fearing the workout would not measure up to that of a gym bike, I tested the Exerpeutic 400XL.  My verdict: You definitely get hot, sweat and tire.  Suitable for heights up to 6ft, 2 in*, the cheaper bike is sturdy, steady and very quiet (for apartment dwellers).  It has a supportive back pad, comfortable seat and good secure peddles.  The bike is also compact, easy to fold up (it rolls) and can be stored in a closet; however if you don't leave it out, you won't hop on and use it.

So whether your wallet is fat or thin, you can still stay in shape by cycling in the comfort of home. Choose what you can stick with: Exercising 4 or 5 times per week is what is important.
*A 6'0'' man tried it and had enough leg room. We did not test it with a 6'2'' person, so can't verify the claim.  The bike is stronger and roomier than it photographs.

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  1. The timing on this posting is excellent. It's not yet New Year (we are 28 hours away, as I write this). Losing weight is already on my mind, and I am sure on the minds of other blog readers, after a Holiday season that has done big damage to the waistline. The idea of an exercise bike is very appealing, though I don't know that I would have the discipline to use it every day- New Years resolutions notwithstanding.

  2. @Barry: Regarding no discipline to exercise -- Isn't it the truth! What happens to us this time of the year? I am making myself walk at least an hour a day .. in the course of running errands and such. But I gave myself permission to not do anything else from Christmas Eve until the New Year. Too many other things going on.