Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pardon My Back Summer Dresses

Are you ready for the summer? Me ... I wait six long months for the season to arrive. As I mentioned in previous blogs, I love balmy days, endless hours of daylight, the great green outdoors, strappy sandals and easy-breezy dresses. You won't see me in trousers again until early autumn. It's too tempting to just slip a piece of pretty fabric over my head and walk out the door.

On the mean streets of Manhattan, I notice lots of men wearing sandals already. Certainly, modern men are abandoning their socks and business shoes to walk the city pavement in open toes like never before! I'm counting a 1 in 5 male-in-sandals ratio. I suppose the laid-back equivalent for women is a bare back. Women wearing bare back dresses in public is quite common these days.

So let's do a Pardon-My-Back Summer Dress Roundup! The cute, relaxed dresses selected here retail from $23-$69. Feast your eyes on a variety of summer style, patterns and affordability:

Some low dipping, back baring dresses might be better suited for a barbecue, and yet, many others cover enough skin to look classy for everyday tooling around town. How I love the easygoingness of summer! And, if you show some skin to keep cool on a hot, muggy August night, it looks perfectly weather appropriate, not naked!
Lulus - Kind Words Grey Print Swing Dress

Lulus' flattering swing dress with a peek-a-boo back will help you beat the heat. Doesn't the red and white pattern look lovely over a grey background?

Old Navy - The Cami Dress

These classic Cami dresses from Old Navy are adorable in 12 different colors and patterns. Very versatile, they can be dressed up or down with the right shoes and bling. Drape a scarf or sweater on top of a cami dress, and you can visit, in style, any conservative, European church that frowns on bare shoulders.

The Letter - Empire Waist Dress

Gingham is ultra trendy right now. Really, it never totally goes out of style. The Letter's Empire Waist Dress has fancy lace trim, while the blue and white gingham pattern gives it a casual playfulness. Cute, no?

With such chic, cool, cozy dresses, who needs shorts? Come-hither, summer! 

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  1. What very pretty dresses, especially the first one. It is enough to make summer bearable!

    1. Hi Trish,

      The first dress is my favorite also. We could be twins!