Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Soulmates High Heeler

Carrie Underwood is wearing a pair.
Soulmates are designed to save an expensive pair of high heels from ruin. How? By fitting snugly onto the heels to prevent them from being destroyed on concrete, cobblestone and subway grates, as well as, stop you from sinking into grass at outdoor events, such as a wedding. 

Nearly invisible when attached, Soulmates are available in 4 colors: clear, black, gold and silver. There are also 3 sizes: classic, narrow and wide to fit different heel widths. Eventually, the protectors stretch out, but for a fair amount of time, they are removable, washable and reusable. Cost: $10 a pair.

Sellers on ebay offer knowoffs for a dollar. Is it worth a $1 risk to pocket $9 on a copy-cat tool? Be sure to read the reviews before taking a chance. 

Whether you pay a buck or a Hamilton, it's a practical way of keeping your expensive heels looking new.

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