Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 Wardrobe Pieces Every Man Should Own

When it comes to fashion, I haven't forgotten about men.  But since I'm a woman, I went straight to the source:  I asked a couple of stylish men to come up with their list of what every well-dressed man needs in his closet.  See if you agree.
Here is Carl's list:
1. Blue, or grey pinstripe suit
2. Blue, or black blazer
3. Nice denim slacks
4. A pair of chinos
5. White cotton dress shirt
6. Simple-design tie
7. Loafers
8. Black leather, dress shoes, with leather soles
9. Polo shirts
10. A pair of walking shorts
Dave said:
1. Polished black shoes
2. Black suit
3. Dress shirt, a solid color
4. A bold tie that is not busy
5. Two watches, one dressy and one classic
6. Argyle socks
7. Polo shirts, 3 different colors
8. Non-cargo shorts, white and navy blue
9. Nice sunglasses
10. Tennis shoes that are clean and comfortable

Thanks men for contributing.  With classics like these, every man can [pare down and still] look his best.

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  1. Any woman with a husband knows what the 10 non-negotiables are.
    1. Black and blue socks, no holes
    2. Two black tee shirts
    3. four polo shirts
    4. Two suits, one black, one navy, tailored
    5. Three dress shirts
    6. Three pairs shoes - two for work, one for dress
    7. Two pairs chinos
    8. Clean underwear, no hones
    9. Four white tee shirts, to wear under the dress shirts
    10. Two coats - one good topcoat, one warm everyday coat

    Everything else (shorts, tennies, sandals, wifebeaters) is optional.

  2. Seems like the place for a guy's view here.

    A nice blue blazer with shiny buttons (get them from Benson & Clegg online, or TS Lewins) will cover a multitude of sins. You can wear for business and also for casual.

    For suits, it's always better to be overdressed so I go for Brit double-breasted.

    Then you can mix with some nice striped shirt (and tie with logos on it) or striped tie with solid color shirt.

    Just my viewpoint. Not sure if it adds up to 10, but I guess you could make the numbers work.

    Barry P.

  3. I sure have some spiffy readers! Thanks for adding much to this post!!