Thursday, August 12, 2010

10 Wardrobe Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Nowadays I shop with a less is more mentality.  It's liberating, but you have to develop a smart antenna.  I look for classic pieces that are easy to care for, yet hold up well over time.  With few exceptions, my clothing can do double duty -- be mixed and matched with other articles to stretch my wardrobe, plus go from casual to dress up.  My values are to scale back, but I still want to put my best foot forward and look pretty.  Here are my picks for basics that are eternal, the gold standards, in any woman's wardrobe:
Coco Chanel

1) Dark blue denim jeans – They are dressier and more versatile than lighter washes.
2) Leather jacket – It's positively fetching and will outlast/outlive you.
3) Long black leggings – They are casual chic and make legs look endless.
4) Pearl or diamond stud earrings – Buy the one you can afford.  You can't go wrong either way.
5) A little black dress – First created by Coco Chanel -- I saw the original in a museum.  If you put that first dress on today, you'd still look ultra modern and like a knowout.
6) Ballet flats – I love patent leather flats.  They dress up everything from the little black dress to blue jeans.
7) Pumps – A two-inch heel is a classic.
8) A scarf – Either cotton or silk in a beautiful, complimentary color to make your outfits pop.
9) Cardigan sweaters – One black and another in a light shade that flatters your skin.  I buy cashmere for winter and cotton to wear in the summer months.  They last for years.
10) T-shirts – 100% cotton, or made with a little lycra to hold their shape.  I wear t-shirts to layer under a dress, or pair with pants under a blazer.  You can buy t-shirts in so many styles and wear them in place of a cotton blouse.  They are so easy to wash-and-wear and stay winkle-free, so they're perfect for traveling.

That's my list of ten essentials.  What would you add?

Perhaps you'd like to try a new look by using the virtual tools on these fun, cyber, fashion sites, as featured on NBC's “The Today Show”:
1. Zeekiteekit

Now go out in style, and enjoy!  (See the 10 peices every man should wear.)

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  1. Add a long linen or linen-y dress for summer and khaki pants, which seem to be essential in the Midwest in the summer and fall.

  2. I'm a man, on the web looking for something else, but your list does it for me.