Thursday, July 20, 2017

Uniqlo Partners With Épice

Uniqlo, the innovative Japanese retailer, which makes "Life Wear'' clothing tempted me once again! I have 4 of their bra dresses hanging in my closet from previous seasons. By habit I'm an under buyer, not an over buyer. Sooo. I have no business buying any more of these dresses. And yet, I did!

The first Uniqlo bra dress I got was solid black. Then the collaborations with noted design studios began -- and my wish came true. The bra dress in florals materialized!

This year Uniqlo paired with Éspice, a Copenhagen brand, known for their beautiful, sophisticated floral designs.

I love wearing the bra dress all summer long. So light and comfortable! You don't need a camisole. You don't need a slip. You don't need a bra, as a full bra is built in. As cool and practical as shorts, but more versatile. The style of a grown-up.

For these reasons, I bought 2 more dresses: (1) off-white and (2) blue.😱 In my defense, I did not buy all 4 Épice floral patterns in the bra dress that are available. 

Uniqlo, I warn you: Do not offer your bra dress in anymore pretty floral designs. Just stop it! Because I can't resist!! Plus, these darn dresses roll out near my summer birthday. A coincidence? I think not! How devious of you, Uniqlo!👹

Note to my readers: The Épice collection also includes: maxi bra dresses, t-shirts and shorts. Every article is under $30, plus goes on promotion quite often, making the pieces a steal!

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  1. Those floral dresses are totally lovely Debbie - who could resist? I like shoulder line, and the idea of the inbuilt bra. I bought my first Uniqlo piece very recently, some snug track pants. It is quite cold here at the moment. I'd wear those shorts in our hot Summer if I could find them.

    1. Trish, I think you will get hooked on this clothing line too. Good quality clothing, smart design for much less than what we must pay elsewhere. I'm happy to hear that one opened in Brisbane. Hurrah!