Thursday, October 20, 2016

Poetry In Fashion

Last week THE SAVVY SHOPPER featured a retailer who offers cute, trendy clothing to stretch a wardrobe. I want to follow-up with a London company, Poetry, a designer of investment pieces.

Investment pieces may cost more, but they last season after season and can be used to mix and match to create outfits. While basic and less flashy, usually the craftsmanship and fabric are of a higher quality. A smart practice is to stock your closet with mainly investment and some trendy pieces. Not all articles of clothing need to last forever, but things you return to time and again like a trench coat; leather jacket; wool sweater; or warm scarf should be well-made and durable. Since you wear an intestment piece for decades, it will pay for itself. And, it's better for the environment to hang on to things. Unfortunately, we've become a throw-away society; and according to sociologists, constantly buying new stuff doesn't even make us happy!

Poetry, which is a family run business, designs a collection of dresses, skirts, trousers, sweaters and accessories, using unique blends of natural fabrics, such as alpaca, linen and cashmere. Cotton, silk and virgin wool ... be still, my heart! I love natural fibers. The pieces are stylish, soft and timeless. Owning fewer, but finer, more perfect and practical pieces is always savvy shopping!

Moreover, what I like about Poetry can be summed up in one word, "value" -- its attention to detail at a reasonable price, which is much less than its competitors. It may take us several paychecks to save up for a pair of knee high leather boots; a brushed cotton and wool (with buttons, 3/4 length sleeves and a dropped waist) dress; or a long checkered, blended wool and silk scarf, but it's doable.

Poetry is all about designing fashionable and versatile pieces that are meant to last!
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