Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kate Middleton Has Something I Want ... Sleeves

H.R.H. Catherine Middleton can do no wrong.  Clearly, she would do well in life with or without a royal title.  Chalk it up to having a level head on her shoulders, as well as, a grounded family.  So far, there's only been mild scandal:  Her mother, Carole, whose ideas and mettle lead to the creation of Party Pieces, a muti-million-dollar family business, was seen chewing gum in public, and it made the English tabloids.  Shall we gasp together?  Oh, wait!  I chew gum in public too.  Recall.
Along with the rest of the world, I adore Kate's elegant style.  Whether dressing up or down, she's spot on lovely.  Brittany Spears is a beautiful girl, but I'd much rather look like Kate Middleton.  Sure she wears Alexander McQueen, but she's just as likely to buy an accessible garment right off the rack.  And by the way, she does buy her own clothes, plus recycles dresses for different occasions.

Her classic style catches my eye because for a few years now I've had trouble finding the details I like in a dress.  Why do all dresses today lack sleeves and have plunging necklines?  Am I the only woman left who doesn't want to show cleavage when not at the beach?  Kate and I haven't meet, but she seems to agree with me.  As it turns out, I mostly cling to my dresses of yesteryear, still hanging in my closets.  So designers, listen up.

Here are elements I'd like to see more of from dressmakers:
1) Just right hemlines – I can find minis (about 17 inches from the waist) or grannies (to the ankle).  But what I want is a length that is just above the knee.  About 20-22 inches from the waist is just right -- a hem length that's dressy and flattering on everybody, short or tall.  And, you can expose a little leg without worrying about sitting down.
2) Sleeves – Who decided to remove the sleeves on every dress in every store from Elie Tahari to H&M?!?  Have you noticed?  But!  Sleeves are fashionable and practical.  I can comfortably wear a dress in air conditioning as long as I have cap sleeves.  Otherwise, I need a sweater.
3) Princess neckline – A princess, or rounded neck is a classic.  The cut is pretty, feminine and versatile, allowing you to go from the office to a night out.  A square neck is a nice change, but with a plunging neck, you often need a camisole or t-shirt to layer it.  Why can't we keep it simple?  I'd like to buy a dress and let that be enough and complete.  No extra pieces to cover up.
4) Natural fibers – I look for cotton, silk and linen for the summer and wools for the winter.  Natural fibers breathe and last.

Perhaps Kate Middleton will kindly tell us where to shop for sleeves.  From all accounts, she is kind.  So Your Royal Highness … gobal girlfriendsome of us really want to know!  Call me.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I completely agree! It's so hard to find good dresses that I've started just making my own! During the Joanne's summer sale, they were selling off Simplicity patterns (normally around $15) for a rock bottom $1.99 a piece! I got several, along with a wide variety of fabrics (also on sale), and have been having a great time working on my own creations...just the way I want them!

  2. What a wonderful and useful talent, Kathryn!

  3. Debra, you put it very well about Catherine. She has just the right touch with her clothes, and wears what I want, too! Like Kathryn, I am turning to the sewing machine once again, having given it up in recent times. Fingers crossed. Your blog is very interesting and I like the Savvy shopping.

  4. Every time I see Kate middleton on the cover of the magazine, I'm always curious what fashionable clothing she be wearing standing next to her hotass husband :)

  5. @Patricia & @Kathryn, if you end up posting images of the dresses you make, let us know. How cool to be your own dressmakers!

  6. I can't comment on the dress-making and hem lines- but I think that Kate shows that clothing can very elegant while being simple.

  7. H.R.H. Catherine Middleton?

    I believe it's HRH Duchess of Cambridge.

  8. @Anonymous: Oh, I don't mean any harm, just having a little fun. "Duchess" sounds so darn old. But admittedly, I don't make the rules. :)

    1. Nonetheless, thanks, Anonymous, for setting me straight. Since I put it out there, we should know what's right and proper.