Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stow And Go Travel Hats

A walk down Madison Avenue confirms it.  Hats are all the rage this summer.  Perhaps inspired by the Royal Wedding and the Kentucky Derby, it's a good thing.  Dermatologists agree wearing one is the best way to prevent skin cancer and premature aging.  Not only is covering your head a sensible barrier against the sun's harmful rays, it keeps you dry and comfortable.  The right hat keeps you cool with portable shade.  Wherever you go, your shade comes with you.
On the hottest days, I sometimes prefer to cover up with a hat and light clothing instead of applying wet, sticky sunscreens.  Cotton and straw feels so good, helping you stay fresh and clean on the most humid days.
World famous hatters include James Lock and Co. and Philip Treacy, but you don't need a royal budget to buy a fashionable and functional hat.

Sun 'N' Sand is a green-minded company located in Grand Praire, Texas.  They make fun, super cute, durable hats (and bags) for a fraction of what other hat makers charge.  Choose from lightweight solids, retro patterns or vintage fedoras.  The company's motto is: "Causal simplicity where natural is better."  All their hats are handmade, but you'd never guess it by their reasonable prices.  Most are $22, or less.  And, many of the hats are designed for travel, which means they can be folded, rolled and packed away in a tote, making them perfect hats to take to the beach and on vacation.  Why pay more when you can get all natural fibers, contemporary style and SPF 50+ solar protection for less? It's a steal ... and ultra smart!

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  1. I love the colorful hats and the price!