Monday, October 3, 2016

Uniqlo Strikes Again

Uniqlo, which is founded on the Japanese values of "simplicity, quality and longevity" strikes again! I adore their new Blocktech long coat. It joins their Blocktech parka (which is available for men, women and children). The coat comes in 4 colors: white, green, navy and black.

Unbelievably lightweight (how do they do it?), the Blocktech coat is waterproof and windproof. The seams are treated with sealant to keep the rain and wind out. It has an A-line silhouette, with drawstrings at the waist. For this reason, I bought an extra-large in black, a versatile shade. Going two sizes up gives me the extra length that I like. The coat hits me right at the knee. (Two very stylish Australian shoppers assured me that the coat fit at the shoulders, and I was not being swallowed up by it.) On the other hand, by choosing to go two sizes up, I must roll up the sleeves (one turn up). But, turned up sleeves look stylish with this high performance, lightweight raincoat! I plan to layer the coat over wool sweaters, as well as, Uniqlo's Light Down Vests as temperatures drop. What an absolutely beautiful, high tech coat! Not bulky, not baggy -- so sleek when you put it on!!
Another winning item in Uniqlo's fall/winter collection is the 2-Way Knit Stole. Wear it as a wrap around your neck, or drape it around you shoulders as a cape or shawl. A fashionable button secures it in place. Available in 6 colors.
Also notable are the Blocktech Warm-Lined Slim Fit Pants. They are stylish, comfortable and super warm. They have a fleece lining, a layer of windproof film, a bit of stretch and a wool-like texture (for style). How can you go wrong? Everything you want in winter slacks! Multiple colors also.

Surely, I sound like a broken record, but I'm fully on board with Uniqlo's "Life Wear" philosophy. I love the clothing's modern elegance and thoughtful details at a price that most everyone can afford. Simple attire that makes life better -- nails it yet again!

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  1. I love that green raincoat! Uniqlo opened in our Mall about a year ago, and I sometimes walk through but never see anything which appeals. If that coat had appeared, I'd have snapped it up for our recent trip - I never did find a suitable all-weather coat, and lugged a heavy wool coat on our travels (bad plan). I suspect our Uniqlo, like other stores, think we are hot and summer all year, and don't send the good cool weather stuff here.

    1. I so hope that changes for you, Trich! Here we have merino wool sweaters and cashmere sweaters, hats, scaves and gloves. And, the heattech counterparts are just as warm and stylish. I also think having one or two of their lightweight down vests is a great investment. Hopefully, it will arrive at your Mall store!