Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Fashion Trends: Hats And Sunglasses

Photo: Getty - Marc by Marc Jacobs show beret hat
As we approach the end of summer, fall is in the air. Already days are getting shorter, and nights are getting breezier.  

Salt City Optics invited me to put together a blog to showcase my favorite fall hats matched with sunglasses. I am not obligated to use their perscription sunglasses as examples -- but take a look at their website -- the eyewear is right up THE SAVVY SHOPPER's alley. The optical company offers a variety of all the latest eyeglass styles at prices you would expect to pay for prescription sunglasses, plus there is a 20% discount onlineUltra stylish and affordable, so after you take proper care of your eyes with new prescription sunglasses, you will still have money left in your wallet to buy that fashion forward fall hat!

I see more people out and about wearing sunglasses these days, and it's good thing. Here's why: Sunglasses shield our eyes from the sun's harmful ultra-violet rays, which helps to prevent the development of cataracts as we age. But let's admit to wanting to look celebrity chic as we protect our precious peepers. Are you with me? 

Here are my pairings of swanky hats with sunglasses to transition into the fall. What are your favorites?:

Kate Spade Darryl sunglasses
Cloche hat

Tommy Hilfiger, a classic knit hat

Oakley Changeover sunglasses

Ray-ban sunglasses

Wool Rose Applique hat

Red cloth or leather brimmed hat

Nike Ignition Rx sunglasses

Elizabeth And James Filmore sunglasses

Tommy Hilfiger fur hat

The last image of a Tommy Hilfiger fur hat is super trendy. Faux fur will be huge this fall and winter. Take a look around: There are racks of faux fur bags, shoes, vests, jackets and hats. Designers are putting fur on everything. Hello autumn!

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  1. Since you asked about sunglasses and hats- I recommend Kaenon polarized sunglasses, and a baeball hat (no fur) with logo from an industrial brand or a yacht club- ie no repping for a designer.