Monday, September 21, 2015

Maybelline's Nude Shadow Palettes

Angie S., friend and reader of THE SAVVY SHOPPER, wrote to share glowing reviews for Maybelline's Nude Shadow PalettesShe advises, "Forget about laying $53 for Urban Decay's palette, these are $11 and magnificent!"

Maybelline offers a choice of 3 palettes: The Nudes, Blush Nudes and Rock Nudes. Angie likes the creamy consistency and finds they don't "flake off, nor fall on your cheeks" when applying them.

Here's what you get in a palette: a 12 shade collection to create a variety of looks with sultry beiges, sexy sands, shimmery bronzes and neutral taupes. You can color the entire eye area with taupe, then shade the lid, contour the crease and line around the eye with the different colors to create an altogether new look for each day of the week. Be subtle, or natural one day, then bold, or dramatic the next.

The Maybelline tag line says, "Dare to be nude!" An equally true, yet less risquĂ© slogan could be "Cheap, but rich."😊 Look for the palettes at your local drugstore for savings. Our friend, Angie, scored a 2 for 1 deal at Walgreens, which is a steal! Thanks for the palette tip, Ang'.

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  1. This one looks nice. I have been looking for a new eyeshadow because Cover Girl discontinued the one I have used for years. I seem to need a push like that to try something new :)

    1. Tricia, I often need that same push. It's hard to give something up when it works so well for you. Don't we women (and I bet men too) hate when our favorite products are discontinued?

    2. I still love these palettes.


    3. Don't waste money on expensive palettes

    4. Grrrreat tip, Ang! I'm loving the palettes too! Been using them all summer long.