Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Red Dress Boutique

An online retailer with the most adorable, ladylike style is about to explode. The Red Dress Boutique just partnered with two entrepreneurs from the television show Shark Tank, so their business will expand soon, going to the next level. Hopefully, the move will benefit customers. I wonder if they will open brick and moltar stores, or perhaps their website will grow to worldwide distribution. An exciting development, so stay tuned!

The Red Dress Boutique offers lots of fashion for the buck. Dresses, trousers, shoes and accessories cost well under $50. The clothes are cozy, wearable and have that extra pizzazz. If you need a little styling help, the website will suggest coordinating pieces to complete your outfit. Completed ensembles often tally for under $100.  So the Red Dress Boutique specializes in feminine fashion of merit that won't break the bank. Nice!

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  1. Very cute clothes Debra. I think I need a new red dress this summer!

    1. Of course, I know from reading your blog that you have been under the weather for a couple of weeks. Hope that seeing you check in here means you are much better, dear Tricia! I agree that red dress is so cute! I'd love to have it too!