Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Simple Way To Apply Your Own Makeup

Gwyneth Paltrow gets the credit for today's post.  On her blog, GOOP, she has her London makeup artist, Emma Lovell, show us how to apply makeup.  To be sure, it's excellent advice, but too many steps for me.  And it's unlikely most woman will buy all the recommended products.  So I reduced the steps and added my own spin from tips makeup artists have shared with me over the years.  Admittedly, it's still a case of do what I say and not as I do since, I rarely use foundation, mascara, or an eyelash curler.  And, people may be thinking that I should use all of them.  If you are thinking it, be nice!  Below are my Emma Lovell-inspired tips on how to do your own makeup ... along with recommendations for products to save a few bucks.

Always lovely, Lauren Graham
For daytime:
1. Start with a clean face and neck. You can use witch hazel.
2. Moisturize your face, neck, and lips.  During the day, use a moisturizer with sunscreen like Olay Complete and any lip balm.
3. If you use foundation, match the color to your neck. Pour the foundation into the palm of your hand.  Dab a bit at a time to your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin; gently rub it in.  The Body Shop makes fabulous foundation.
4. Next apply concealer under your eyes.  Applying concealer with a brush works best. I like Max Factor Pan-Stik.
5. Curl your naked eyelashes, then apply mascara a little at a time.  Maybelline or L'Oreal are unbeatable.
6. Fill in your eyebrows. Use a tint slightly lighter than your natural color. Eyebrows define the whole face.  Sephora makes inexpensive brow pencils, with attached bristles for blending.
7. Next apply blush: For staying power double up: Use a cream blush and go over it with powder blush.  Try NARS or The Body Shop.
8. On lips, apply a quality gloss like L'Oreal Colour Juice with a hint of color.
9. Set your makeup by dusting loose powder all over your face.  The makeup will last longer. None better than The Body Shop's or Origins'.
For nighttime:
1) Add an eyeliner to emphasize your eyes. Buy cheap: Any brand.
2) Blend eyeshadow on your lids.  To stay fresh longer, confine eyeshadows to the lids alone.  I like Chanel and sister company, Bonjour, or Laura Mercier.
3) At night, you can apply additional shimmers to your eyelids and even cheeks, if you wish.  Inexpensive brands are fine.
4) Wear lipstick under lip gloss at night. For lipstick slurge: Bobby Brown, or Chanel.  You can also use it as cheek color in a pinch.  (And save: When you don't mind reapplying.)

To figure out the most flattering colors to wear, I say, use the trial and error method.  You know pretty when you see it.  Visit a few makeup counters, and let the cosmetologists do your makeup.

In reading the advice from a professional makeup artist, I am reminded of the following: (1) Looking good starts with clean, healthy skin; (2) makeup is best applied, slowly, by layering it a little at a time and; (3) when you do a good job applying makeup, people don't think your makeup looks good.  They think YOU look good.  And that should always be our goal.

I have to give a shout out to an amazing California makeup artist, Lea WhiteFeather.  She is so talented!  Watch her YouTube channel to be mesmerized by her many star transformations.
Red lips
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  1. There's so much makeup out there. Your product recommendations are great! I read A Stop At Henri Bendel's NARS Counter, and it helped too! Thanks!

  2. Charlotte,
    My pleasure! There is a lot of good makeup, so I focused on keeping the post short. But good for us, consumers, right?

  3. I like the tips and want to try the brands.

  4. The post tells all about how to apply your own make up. Good post