Thursday, November 17, 2011

Are You Ready Boots?

Victoria's Secret Collection 
(The marks are the alphabet on a scanned page.)
Autumn is boot season.  Tall or short, high or low, zip-up or lace-up, there's a fashion, fit and function to flatter every foot and pair of legs.  Boots can complete an outfit, while protecting you from the elements.  Whether you are angling for a polished look, or trying to keep old man winter at bay, there's a choice and length of boot to help you look your fabulous best.  My picks are very often low heels and working boots.  I walk for miles on concrete, so my boots have to withstand the punishment of city streets, as well as, be kind to my feet.  I don't want to develop bunions or hammer toes, but won't sacrifice on style.  With choice galore, there's no reason we can't be chic and comfortable, simultaneously.  And REAlly, boots are made for walking ... so why settle for less.  When your feet are happy, you are happy.

Retailers offering lots of boot style and value include:

1. Victoria's Secret Catalog - Ultra posh, ultra cute!
2. Uggs - Warm, durable, casual style.
3. Endless - A large inventory and discounts.
4. Macy's - Best department store selection, a range of price points.
5. Overstock - Super quality and quantity; up to 70% off and $2.99 shipping.
6. Merrell - Orthopedic soles with smart casual style. 
7. Lands' End - Exceptional snow boots (and winter outerwear).
8. Zappos - Free shipping both ways, great customer service, and they stock every boot imaginable.

Now get your game boots on and start walkin'.  For Nancy Sinatra's 1966 hit song click here.  It features some sizzling hot, umm ... uhh, boots.

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  1. Nancy Sinatra caught the whole boots vibe circa 1966. But these days, all the cool preppie-esque people that I see seem to be outfitted in 'Wellies". Your basic boot, but with a label, which I think makes these discussions much more difficult than they should be. I live in a flood zone, and labels don't matter so much.

  2. Wishing I had worn my boots tonight. I guess the time has come - it's getting cold outside!

  3. I'm a summer gal and have to look for reasons to appreciate a cold climate. Boots are at the top of my list.

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