Monday, November 28, 2011

Precise Portions' Dinnerware For Healthy Meals

Eating healthy just got simpler.  Recently the USDA replaced the old food pyramid with a new MyPlate icon.  Most of us should be eating smaller amounts of food, as well as, making healthier choices.  Precise Portions, a new line of porcelain dinnerware takes the guesswork out of figuring out what and how much food to put on your plate.  It's not that we can't enjoy an occasional treat; but we should be eating more fruits and vegetables, a portion of starch or whole grains, proteins and dairy most of the time.  Designed by a dietician, the dinnerware follows the new USDA guidelines.  It shows you what a portion is [usually the size of a clinched fist], and reminds you what a balanced diet looks like.

It's easier to be a mindful eater when the information is right there on your dinner plate staring you in the face.  A shocking percentage of children and adults in the US are not just overweight ... but are obese.  This set makes a great gift for families trying to instill healthy habits.

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