Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving From THE SAVVY SHOPPER

The Secret Sisters singing a song written by Hank Williams. They can sing anything ... and do. Click here.
Thanksgiving.  What a lovely holiday, centered around family, great food, (music in our house) and perhaps a little reflection and tradition.

According to historians, Native Americans and early colonists [in Jamestown and New England] were accustomed to holding days of prayer and celebrations, thanking God for blessings, such as safe travel, victory in battles or a successful harvest.  In the New World thanksgiving services were quite common.

Well folks, here we are again, observing a tradition, which lives on into the 21st century.  So as you take a moment to gather around and remember your blessings, enjoy the day!  As one of my buddies said, "Get out the pajama jeans!"  You're sure to need the stretch.
According to my readings, Native Americans ate a diet of maize, beans and squash.  One of their thanksgiving dishes consisted of a large pumpkin stuffed with buffalo or deer stew.  It was baked in an oven, then cut in wedges and served.  Doesn't it sound delicious?   

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  1. Sounds delicious after Thanksgiving!

  2. Wow, the Secret Sisters are awesome!