Wednesday, August 5, 2015

End Of Season Dress Sales

Nordstrom: Eliza J Illusion Yoke Lace Dress
I wear nothing but dresses all summer long. Dresses are easy and stylish, and they sure beat the heat. Plus, I can avoid those pesky wardrobe changes since a dress goes from work to play, effortlessly.

Unfortunately, this summer I had to retire a few favorite dresses. After years of wear, holes appeared under the arms of a Sarah Jessica Parker designed dress. A red-and-white shift dress had a rip that couldn't be repaired, and a few other dresses were wearing thin. 

So when the July dress sales began, I jumped on the opportunity to search for bargains. Why pay more when dresses are discounted up to 70% off?

Here are a few retailers who offer a wide selection of adorable summer dresses at budget friendly prices. Independently featured in previous posts, each is running deep dress discounts right now:
London Times

1) - This is Zappos' sister company, so expect the same excellent customer service. When merchandise arrives at 6PM, prices are already slashed. You will find famous dressmakers like Ralph Lauren, Vince Camuto and Kate Spade, as well as, a chic new find like London Times. The variety of 6PM's dress stock rivals a big city department store ... but costs much less!

2) Old Navy - You can buy a dress online and in-stores for 20 bucks or less. Look for ongoing promotions and rock bottom sales. I'm a huge Old Navy fan, despite knowing that their dresses are either hit or miss. At times the waist is too high or the length too short; but often the fit is perfect! O.N.'s online site offers free returns, making shopping risk free. When you strike gold at Old Navy, you can score a dress that is cute, comfortable and versatile. 

3) Uniqlo - The innovated Japanese design never ends! Soft, comfortable, machine-wash-and-tumble-dry dresses. A few with UV sun protection! Beautiful lines. Airism fabric keeps you dry when temperatures are boiling. Much of the inventory is under $30, which is a steal!

4) Nordstrom - You won't find cheap dresses here, so savvy shoppers wait for the end of season sales. If you need one or two elegant dresses for the occasional upscale shindig, this is the place to look.

5) Amazon -  Shopping before Amazon ... there is no going back! You have access to 100s of merchants miles away. Amazon is like fashion central, so your search for a stylish dress may start and end there. The website offers free returns on clothes. If you have a Discover card, you can pay for your Amazon purchases with you cash back bonus dollars!

Now is the time to shop for a new dress without breaking the bank.
Donna Moran V-Neck, Eyelet Dress


  1. Wow, what spectacular savings Debbie. I am drooling with envy! Unfortunately the shipping costs tend to put me off trying to buy from America...they make it too expensive for we Down Under folks :)

    1. I can't imagine why retailers haven't thought of a way to make shipping affordable for Aussies. You would think they'd want to have a whole new continent of new customers! There must be a hack around this expense. I'll let you know if I learn of anything.