Tuesday, February 20, 2018

15 Makeup Dos & Don'ts

Photo: Maybelline
For many of us, applying makeup begins as trial and error until we figure out what flatters our faces. And, we can always learn new tricks, especially for an evening out when we tend to wear more makeup. Here are 15 common makeup dos and don'ts. Let's replace bad habits -- Don'ts with better habits -- Dos:

Do: Start with primer on your face and under your eyes.

Don't: Skip primer. Makeup glides on easy and stays put on primed skin!

Do: Dampen your blender sponge with water.
Don't: Dip a dry sponge into makeup. It soaks up too much product.

Do: Blend foundation beyond your jawline down to your neck and up to your hairline. Dab and pat is the way to go.
Don't: Stop foundation at the jawline to create a visible line.

Do: Match a concealer to the skin on your inside wrist.
Don't: Use a concealer lighter then your skin. You will look like a raccoon.

Do: Use correct makeup brushes for your foundation, blush, contour, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow and powder.

Don't: Apply makeup with the wrong brushes. Using the correct brush lets you apply each item correctly.

Do: Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Don't: Extent blush beyond the apples of your cheeks. You may look like a clown.

Do: Apply cheek contour right under the hollow of the cheekbone and stop midway.

Don't: Apply contour too low and too far across your face. It ends up looking unnatural, or dirty.

Do: Stroke bronzer lightly above contour to produce a warm sun kissed glow. (A contour and bronzer are often used interchangeably, however professionals use contour to create edges on the face with faux shadows, while bronzing is used to bring a warm luminesce to the skin.)
Don't: Overdo the bronzer. Light is right!

Do: Use an eyebrow pencil shade lighter than your hair color and be sure to stroke lightly following your natural brow. Next soften and blend using a brow brush. (Exception: Blonds go a shade darker.)
Don't: Make eyebrows look unnatural. Polished is good/harsh is bad!

Do: Apply darker eyeshadow near the base of your eyelashes, not at the crease.

Don't: Go lighter (from the lids) to darker (at the crease). You will then produce ghoul eyes!

Do: (1) Use an eyeliner to draw thin lines; or increase line thickness as you move out away from your nose.

Don't: Draw a thick line near the nose that gets thinner moving out. It makes eyes look droopy.

Do: Use mascara starting at the base of eyelashes to lengthen lashes. You can do top and bottom lashes. Blot excess away with a tissue so it doesn't smear later.
Don't: Apply mascara only at the tips of lashes. It won't lengthen them.

Do: Apply highlighter where light hits your face: on the cheekbones, the nose, a dot at the hairline and cupid's bow. Moreover, use a light brush stroke to avoid a "heavy simmery mess."

Don't: Overdo highlighter by putting it all over your face. Less is best! (Go here for highlighting images and tips.)

Do: Use face powder to set your makeup and to take away shine.

Apply with a powder brush.
Don't: Use a "dirty" brush, one that you use for blush, contour, bronzer or highlighter.

Do: Apply a glamorous lip color to your lips. 

Don't: Minimize your lips, nor go more than a hair passed the lip line. Aim for full, pouty lips (do) without looking like a vampire after a meal (don't).

Remember: The purpose of makeup is to balance and flatter the face by enhancing or softing features. People should think ... you look great, not your makeup looks great!

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