Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Blanket Designed For Outer Space

Are you a restless sleeper because first you're too hot, and a few hours later you're too cold? Or, maybe your partner sweats, but you're always chilly? Fortunately, there is a temperature regulating blanket that could help you sleep better. First developed by NASA for space flights, the blanket is embedded with lots of invisible microcapsules that absorb excess heat when you're hot and release the supply of heat when you're cold, creating just the right temperature and humidity all night long. The temperature sensitive thread is patented under the name Outlast, and it is idea for couples since it has the ability to adjust to each sleeper's body temperature. Outlast is woven into either cotton or wool depending on the manufacturer. The fabric is soft to the touch, lightweight and naturally antibacterial and odor resistant. A blanket containing 50% Outlast acrylic and 50% cotton (or wool) doesn't pull and is machine washable. It comes in all standard bed sizes, several colors and costs about $140 for the queen. Thank you NASA for the technology and extra zzzzz. This makes up for the Tang [actually not formulated by -- but popularized by NASA] and Space Food Sticks.  Sweet Dreams.

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  1. Sounds great! Of course I would have to see it, touch it and smell it (!) before paying $140. It sounds like it could solve a Michigan winter/electric blanket situation: We use an electric blanket, which my husband sets at 5 or 6 (scale of 1-10)and I'm at 1 or 2! (The cat at the foot of the bed is a part of this equation, too!) As usual - thanks for scoping out these products, Debbie! (Space food sticks - LOL- I feel like I just opened a 70's time capsule!)