Thursday, July 15, 2010

ChicTiq Links Shoppers With Local Boutiques

Louis Vuitton, Soho
New York City is a shopper's paradise.  Everything is available from haute couture to ready-to-wear.  And now the task of finding one-of-a-kind shops and discounts is just a click away.

ChicTiq is a new online service that lists all the local boutiques in New York City, by neighborhood and category.  It is the brainchild of three friends from the University of Pennsylvania, Landon Berns, Daniel Panzer and Jonathan Lehr.  The idea for the directory first came to Berns, as he tried to help his sister find shops and promotions in the area, only to discover there were no simple steps to gather the information.  So the three college friends teamed up and launched ChicTiq to make the search quick and easy.  ChicTiq lets shoppers generate and customize a list of retail boutiques in any New York City neighborhood.  Store addresses and phone numbers are provided, and there's an app you can add to your iPhone.  Also, a map pinpoints store locations so shoppers know exactly where to go.  A must-have for tourists!

So far, there are 1,300 stores on a list that's growing.  Boutiques can communicate with customers in real time to tell them about fabulous deals and happenings in the shop.  They may announce the arrival of new designers and special events.

All a shopper needs to do is logon and enter a zip code, or category like “shoes,” to pull up a list of nearby boutiques with the latest sales and promotions.

ChicTiq is a handy tool in a tech savvy age.  With the click of a button, shoppers can be in-the-know, finding the best deals on the hottest fashions in their area.  The company plans to expand to other cities.  Miami is next.

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