Monday, July 12, 2010

A Well-Stocked Bar

My parents rarely touched alcohol, but had a cabinet stocked with wine and spirits, including Danziger Goldwasser (a strong herbal tonic with tiny flakes of 22k gold).  These were pulled out on special occasions to offer hospitality to dinner guests.  If we ate a fancy meal as a family, we didn't serve alcohol, but always wanted to have something available for company.

And just to show how much a person is a product of her upbringing, I've carried on the same practice.  In my cabinet sits a bottle of Italian red wine, Moet & Chandon Champagne (a gift), Maker's Mark Kentucky bourbon, Mount Gay Barbados rum, Frangelico liqueur, Chambord liqueur and a bottle of Moosehead beer that's been in the refrigerator for years.  Since I seldom drink, isn't it interesting how much of a chip off the old block I am? How about you?

As it turns out, my family is not alone.  Several magazines have stressed the importance of keeping wine and some basics on hand, just in case visitors drop in.  Cosmopolitan says, it's a tell tale sign that someone has moved past his or her college years into adulthood.  And according to Vanity Fair, a Well-Stocked Bar should include:

Rose's lime juice
Triple sec
cocktail olives
club soda
cocktail onions
lemons and limes
tomato juice
stirrers, shakers and strainers
Angostura bitters


In reality, there are no rules to stocking a bar.  It depends on you and your guests; and whether you like mixed drinks.  Personally, I'd rather eat than drink.  Give me sharp cheddar cheese, hummus, crackers and a single glass of red wine, and I'm satisfied.

But for adults with other tastes, here are some Bar Tips, courtesy of Goodhousekeeping [condensed]:

*Chill cocktail and beer glasses ahead of time.
*Handle glasses by the stem to avoid warming the contents.
*Add carbonated beverages at the last minute, even to punches.
*Avoid spills, by not filling glasses to the brim.
*Keep towels handy; making drinks can be messy.
*Don't overserve.
*And never allow an inebriated guest to drive.

Bottoms Up!

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