Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pass The Pepper Mill, Please

It appears I'm going to have to bite the bullet. There's a kitchen gadget I need, and it never, ever goes on sale.  I'm talking about a pepper mill.  Research leads me to a French company.  Peugeot makes a high end pepper mill, which reportedly will last through the years.  The model I have in mind is called “Nancy.”  That's right ... Nancy.  Who knew pepper mills have names?  Could it be a joke the French are playing on Americans?  If so, they'll never admit it.  

Regardless of not knowing why a pepper mill has a proper feminine name, it has a clear acrylic body to be able to see the peppercorns, along with stainless steel grinding mechanisms, so it won't soon become dull through use.  There are several sizes.  Does size matter with Nancy?  She's staying mum.  I'm selecting 7 inches -- not too big and not too small.  And it's easy to handle and refill.  

Nancy replaces a $1.99 no-name pepper mill I purchased from CVS as a test to see if freshly ground pepper makes a big difference in cooking.  Yes, it definitely does.  A world of difference in flavor.  Now I'm wondering if I need a salt grinder too.  I'm thinking no, but please weigh in if you are a cook.  Costs: $28 each.  

Update: I bought the set, and they look so darn cute together.  My mills work great!

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  1. Nancy is one sexy mill!! Go for it, as long as it lasts! I'm due for a new one too and miss the freshly ground stuff. Nancy, here I come!
    Cute blog : )

  2. Thank you, Becky! Williams-Sonoma stocks them. They also sell an $80 one from the same company. A sales associate told me she bought the $28 pepper mill, and it's worked great for six years. Amazon has them also -- I added the link, because if you don't need it right away, sometimes one of the sellers on Amazon offers a better price than you can get at a retail store.

  3. I have had many pepper mills and am now back to using a plain old pepper shaker - maybe it's time to try a mill again! The salt mill is a good idea. I was using kosher salt for a long time - then - TRUE STORY - we were snowbound last year and SOMEONE in my house used it on the front steps! Haven't bought any since that, I keep forgetting it - bu it seems to work better for cooking.

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    1. You are most welcome, Victoria! Thanks for stopping by. :)