Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Oscar Nominations 2011

The nominations for this years Academy Awards were announced this morning.  Below are the major categories, i.e. the ones we care about.  I'm going to go out on a limb and highlight who I want to win.  Not who I think will win, but who I would vote for, if I had a ballot.  This year there are many fine films and brilliant performances, making the choice of winner all the more difficult.  What an honor to get a nod in such a tight race.  Best of luck to all the nominees. Let's have some fun.  Who do you think deserves to take Oscar home on Sunday, February 27th? Here are my picks:

Best Picture
The Kids Are All Right      True Grit
Inception                               Winter's Bone
The Social Network            Toy Story 3
The King’s Speech               127 Hours
The Fighter                            Black Swan
Best Director
David Fincher, The Social Network
Tom Hooper, The King’s Speech
Joel and Ethan Coen, True Grit
Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan
David O. Russell, The Fighter

Best Actor
Colin Firth, The King’s Speech
James Franco, 127 Hours
Jeff Bridges, True Grit
Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network
Javier Bardem, Biutiful

Best Actress
Annette Bening, The Kids Are All Right
Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone She is spot on!  Can't decide this one. Ok Jennifer.
Natalie Portman, Black Swan
Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine
Nicole Kidman, Rabbit Hole

Best Supporting Actor
Christian Bale, The Fighter
Geoffrey Rush, The King’s Speech Adore him. This may be the toughest category!
Mark Ruffalo, The Kids Are All Right Love him!
John Hawkes, Winter’s Bone
Jeremy Renner, The Town

Best Supporting Actress
Helena Bonham Carter, The King’s Speech
Melissa Leo, The Fighter
Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit  13 year old HS played 14 year old Mattie Ross -- going on 40.  She is in nearly every scene and carries the film.  This young actress doesn't sound or act anything like her character.
Amy Adams, The Fighter  Love her!
Jackie Weaver, Animal Kingdom
Best Original Screenplay
The King's Speech
The Kids Are All Right
The Fighter
AAnother Year  Love Mike Leigh! 
Best Adapted Screenplay
The Social Network
True Grit
127 Hours
Toy Story 3
Winter’s Bone

BBest Cinematography
Black Swan
The King’s Speech
The Social Network
True Grit
Best Film Editing
Black Swan
The Fighter
The King’s Speech
127 Hours
The Social Network

Original Song  The suspense of this award is seeing who shows up to sing the songs.  No one cares who wins, except the winner.
Coming Home from Country Strong
I See the Light from Tangled
If I Rise from 127 Hours
We Belong Together from Toy Story 3

Listen up media: Often film critics tell us who will win an Oscar.  Cowards.  C'mon.  Be Brave.  Put yourself out.  Tell us who should win and why.  You're film critics for goodness' sake.Filmstrip


  1. Best Pic - Winters Bone
    Best Actor - Colin Firth
    Best Actress - Jennifer Lawrence
    Best Supporting - Christian Bale
    Best Supporting - Melissa Leo
    Best Director - Director of "The Fighter"

  2. Absolutely loved "King's Speech" and I hope that its entire team is suitably rewarded in the upcoming awards.
    Barry P (hint I am a big Anglophile)

  3. If Annette Bening loses yet again, I'm afraid she'd have a meltdown! lol

    Curious though. Why isn't Christopher Nolan nom'd for Best Director? Because he told his story cryptically?

    Btw, haven't seen all the nom'd films so can't judge 'em.

  4. Cannot say because I haven't seen any of the films - but I did see several clips from "The King's Speech" and I thought Geoffrey Rush was terrific!

  5. Thanks for your picks everyone. I am split on Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor -- Love "True Grit" and "The King's Speech." Either could be best picture, with me. [Also liked "The Social Network" and think it will win, but I liked the other two a little bit more.]

    Loretta, I thought Geoffrey Rush was his usual, terrific self in "The King's Speech." He was really more like the lead, and his character was adorable! I'd be happy if he won. Who I'd vote for would come down to the day I voted, because in these two categories, it's about even.