Saturday, August 6, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Songs

When it comes to music, you know good from bad.  Nonetheless, there are songs you like, but you don't want to admit it.  Despite the ridicule of friends, you find yourself tapping your toe to the beat and singing along when you hear the song on the radio.  Well, shut you up!  You know you shouldn't, but ... let's share several of our guilty pleasures, the songs we enjoy, even if we think we shouldn't.  Mine include:

Peace1. Hair by the Cowsills – A pop band consisting of a mother and her six kids.  They sang a memorable cover of the Broadway tune, which became a #2 Billboard hit. Excellent harmonies, but a pop band shouldn't include your mom.
2. Sugar, Sugar by The Archies  – They were not even a real musical group, but a cartoon.  If I worried at all about what others thought, I'd be mortified.  Obviously, I am beyond help, because I don't care.  Ron Dante sang the lead.  Definitely a good beat, and you can dance to it.
3. Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers – I can't even remember when I first heard this 1966 hit.  In spite of being known for this cheeky song, Johnny Rivers is a talented musician.  And still a hottie!  Give this song a listen, and tell me you don't like it.
4. Wheel In the Sky by Journey – This song is from a band I can't stand.  They earned millions of dollars for recording 80s elevator rock.  But, sometimes such a band has a song with a good guitar riff, and Steve Perry has a good voice.  Plus, the lyrics are decent.  Still if anyone uses the fact that I actually like a Journey song against me, I will hurt you.
5. Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down – A fun song with a clever hook, marching drum rolls and skillful guitar licks.  Play it LOUD, and pick up your air guitar.  A good melody that builds. [YouTube here: Use their seach to listen.]

And I'm throwing in the featured song [above], because the Raiders often wore silly Revolutionary War costumes when performing (a 60s thing???).  But I'm not embarrassed about liking “Indian Reservation.”  Produced by lead singer, Mark Lindsay, it's a terrific raw song that has held up over the years.  The drum and organ are spectacular.  It was written by John D. Loudermilk, who also wrote songs for The Everly Brothers and Marianne Faithful.  I.R. is the perfect pop song that happens to have a meaningful message.  Much is accomplished in three minutes, and I never get tired of it.  That's why I slapped it up here. 

If pressed, I could come up with a longer list of guilty pleasures, but now it's your turn.  My list illustrates what is often said about music:  You either like it, or you don't.  There's nothing wrong with letting a catchy pop song lift your spirits.  It's not like you can't listen to other music too.  Are you still too timid to admit you like certain songs?  C'mon, get it off your chest.  Confess under comments.

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  1. John D Loudermilk, a native of Durham NC, whom you mention, wrote some terrific songs for George Hamilton IV (not related to suntan guy in a previous blog). "Blue Train" (maybe) and "Break My Mind" and "Abeline"

    Turns out that John D Loudermilk is a first cousin of late great Charlie Louvin. Name change someplace "See the Big Man Cry"

    And Paul Revere and the Raiders had a guy called Freddy Weller- one of the best country singers ever- "Roadmaster" and "Promised Land"

    There are more where these came from- this is a very cool post. Thanks for sharing it

  2. I like so many kinds of music, and all types of sub-types....Once in a while I will hear a "guilty pleasure" being played on the radio, and will go ASAP to youtube and do a search....Now I'll have to go look back in my youtube "archives" of favorites to find my own perfect "guilty pleasure!" (I knew I wasn't alone in this!)

  3. Hey Loretta (I think there's a song by that name)

    Youtube is a phenomenal resource, both the songs and also the gossip about the singers. Country music and bubble gum music are both guilty pleasures because they are not considered cool- yet many are easy to sing along with which for me brings a lot of the pleasure.

  4. Hmmm... let's see:
    #1 favorite guilty pleasure song: Keep Your Hands Off Of It -- Jerry Lee Lewis! So naughty, and yet -- it's not! Lol

    Copacabana! Well, anything by Barry Manilow relly. I've loved him for, forever!

    Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes... recently put this on a mix CD for the car, and the kids went crazy over it! lol

    And last, but certainly not least.. I'll admit it here for you, just because I know you'll love it -- I'm a closet Miley Cyrus fan. I know, I know... but that song Party in the USA is what started it. HAHA -- what is wrong with me!
    You KNOW my heart will always belong to Don & Phil! : )

  5. And btw... Journey is cool! ; )

  6. Guess I would have to say: Many song parodies, i.e. anything by Weird Al, such as the EBay Song and White and Nerdy; Reincarnation by Roger Miller; the whole cheesy love-song soundtrack of Bridget Jones's Diary; El Paso by Marty Robbins; and there has to be an ABBA song in there somewhere - Maybe Loving Me Loving You - my son says it hurts his ears!
    And Barry, BTW, John D. Loudermilk also wrote one of my favorite 50's songs, Sittin' In the Balcony.
    I'm glad to see doglvr on here - I can't deny it, I LOVE anything by the Everlys!

  7. Finally, the brave are weighing in.

    I'll add the songs of The Monkees. I loved them as a kid. And, when I pull clips of them up on YouTube, I still do! I think Mickey Dolenz has a fantastic voice. And they still are one of a kind.

    @ doglvr895: If you like arena rock, have I got a great band for you:

    This band can really play! And watch @ 2:00. It's brief so don't blink.

  8. Wow- I have landed amongst a group of very savvvy listeners- yes, three Y's

    The Monkees did a song called "What Am I Doing Hanging Round" with Mickey Dolenz singing with others doing the harmonies

    I am normally a New Yorker but living in Florida this month where I have truly discovered the meaning of guilty pleasures listening on the car radio
    Guilty of listening to great CW stations
    Pleasure is major subject of many slightly trashy lyrics

  9. Fast forward to the present- the two keepers I've found on the car radio in Florida are:

    Jimmy Buffet and Zac Brown - "Knee Deep"
    "...the only worry in the world, is the tide gonn'a reach my chair..."

    Kenny Chesney, Grace Potter - "You and Tequila"
    "'s always your favorite sins, that do you in.."

  10. Many diverse choices here! Thanks everyone for sharing.

  11. Back in New York, finally, but country music and the guilty pleasures explored in this great blog live on.

    I have many favorite country singers- many seem to be from Kentucky (. Tom T Hall (who actually met, circa 1972) did many songs. But the two I recommend re guilty pleasure are:
    Faster Horses (rowdy in a early '70s way)
    Faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, more money, etc... (no more pleasure than all that!)

    Watermelon Wine (reflective)
    (I was sitting in Miami pouring blended whiskey down...)

    That's about as good as it gets.

  12. Cool. This gives me the impetus to write a follow up post: "More Guilty Pleasures, if there's the interest. There seems to be no shortage of songs.