Saturday, October 8, 2011

Welcome To The USA Joe Fresh

Neoprene-coat in assorted colors, $99

If you haven't heard of Canada's Joe Fresh brand of clothing, you are missing out on cute, contemporary, inexpensive style.  Truly, I can't rave enough!

Designer Joseph Mimran, best known for the understated, minimal look he created for Club Monaco,* before launching his Joe Fresh label in 2006, just crossed the Canadian boarder to open stores in the US, including a flagship store on Fifth Avenue (at 43rd Street) and another shop on Madison Avenue (at 80th Street).  Yanks should be thrilled!  He has an entire line of fashion forward basics for men, women and children.  Apparel and accessories range mostly from $16 {for a soft, extra long, thin cotton, t-shirt with a pocket} to $99 {for a chic, neoprene coat in assorted colors, including orange, blue, teal, brown and black}.  A tailored silk blouse is $19. Wool-blended jumpers are $49, and cotton chino, or wool pants are $39.  His coats and skirts have classic good looks, with pizzazz and retro influences. 

His tops, trousers and dresses are the perfect blend of relaxed, practical and casual smart.  He combines eye-popping, bright colors like yellow, orange and berry with clean neutrals -- tan, brown and black.  His collection is calm and balanced without being boring.  You look sophisticated and modern while spending less than $100 for an outfit.  And his clothing is suitable for everybody -- consisting of jeans, weekend wear, workout clothes and business attire.  Joe Fresh will launch additional stores, (hopefully one near you!) and he's calling all frugal fashionistas.

*Mimran sold Club Monaco to Polo Ralph Lauren in 1999.

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  1. I have to agree with you....they look very rich and cute...glad to hear that they are not very expensive.

    Cruise Pictures

  2. I checked out the store in Midtown and got three outfits for work, under $100.