Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Tricks And Treats

Oh, won't you come a little closer? ... click here.

Do you enjoy Halloween like you did as a child?  Now that I'm an adult, I still love dressing up to celebrate. Give me an excuse, or a party to attend and I'm in.  We never grow too old to wear costumes for some frightfully-good fun.  So I want to get you in the spirit with today's spooky post.

The tech wizards/geeks who come up with these greetings are so clever.  First sketching, then painstakingly syncing image, music and sound effects seamlessly together to tell a short, eerie story.  It takes hours to build.  What a great age we live in to experience such creativity and magic with the click of a mouse [or a touch on a screen].  Boo!

Let's also do a roundup: What are your favorite Halloween candies?  

Mine include Peanut M&Ms, Bit-O-Honey, Cry Babies, SweetTarts and Smarties.  How about you?

Here are some ways to save on Halloween sweets:
1) Use the coupons printed in newspapers for Halloween candy.
2) Look for stores offering 2 for 1 deals and sales, such as Walgreens, Target, and Walmart.
3) Buy candy your family doesn't like, so it won't get eaten.
4) Mix expensive chocolates with cheaper lollipops, bubblegum and Jolly Ranchers.  It's the sugar kids like, and variety is nice.
5) Save your receipts. You can return unopened bags of candy for full price. It will be half price the day after Halloween.  I've never done this, but these are thrifty times, so I can understand returning candy you don't want to eat.

If you want to know how many calories are in those fun-size, tempting treats, click here.

Happy Halloween, everybody! For a history and costume ideas, see the post below.

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  1. Bit-O-Honey's are definitely my ultimate favorite! Although I also enjoy PayDay bars and Red Vines Liccorice. : ) Yummy!

  2. Halloween is fun...I love Bit-O-Honey too! (My grandkids don't like them, so I get them sometimes by default) Also those little peanut butter log things. Candy corn, too. If we all went trick-or-treating together, we wouldn't be able to trade!! Love your animated pics!!

  3. Remember the orange wax harmonica-whistle? First you could play tunes on it, then you bit into it and chewed all the sweetness out of it.

    Remember candy cigarettes? Pixy Stixs and bubble gum cigars? Surprisingly, I did not end up a smoker.

  4. My favorite halloween candy as a kid was bottle caps.

  5. Candy corn and mini snickers.