Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Is A Snood?

Wearing a snood the high fashion way
Is it: A) a person with a disagreeable personality; B) a Dr. Seuss character; C) a foot condition; or D) an article of clothing. Still not sure?  Well then, read and learn.
A hot fashion trend this winter will also keep your neck warm. Instead of traditional scarfs, men and women are wearing bulky, woven neck rings.  They are known by many names: an infinity scarf, a cowl, a shrug, or a snood.  They are loops of wool or cashmere, usually knitted, which slide over your head and fit snugly around the neck.  Designers say they are popular because of their versatility. A snood is easy to wear and looks great with, or without a coat.  Last year I spotted them at the Banana Republic, and this year many more designers have come out with them.  How do you like the look?  Here are a few styles from different retailers:

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