Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gift Food Baskets For The Holidays

Gift giving is about thoughtfulness, meeting needs and making people happy.  So giving someone a basket of delectable treats is perfect.

A tower of edible gifts can make someone feel like s/he hit the jackpot.  They make smart holiday gifts for several reasons:

1) Retailers offer special deals and combos, making pricy gourmet foods more affordable than at other times of the year.  
2) It's a gift few people buy for themselves, but most like receiving.
3) They help you avoid the craziness of the holiday rush.  No need to beat back the crowd, nor stand in long lines.  Order online to be delivered.  Look for coupon codes for free shipping too. Codes here.
4) There is a food basket to suit every taste and budget.
5) They are the perfect gifts to send out of town. – And convenient: Via a phone call - delivered right to a friend's door on very short notice.  If you forget a relative, it may be the only way to get gifts to a destination by Christmas.
6) Food baskets are festive. – They make a beautiful presentation.  And nothing says "I care" like giving a load of goodies.
7) They can help someone in need – Can you imagine getting a big basket of meats, cheeses, fruits and nuts, if you're a working mother, or a family who has fallen on hard times?  It's a sneaky, considerate way to help.  You can give a gift of generosity without the embarrassment of charity.
8) And last but not least, giving food baskets highlights the spirit of Christmas. – Your recipient will have delicacies to share with family and friends, who drop by to spend time together.  And isn't that what it's all about?  Does anyone really need another blouse or necktie?

Here are a few merchants to consider for your edible gifts:

Harry And David's - Lots of ribbons and bows, nice selection.
Omaha Steaks - Frozen in packages and ready to cook as needed.
Hams and Jams - The Loveless Cafe's mail order business.
William Sonoma - Wine club.
Williams-Sonoma - Seafood or The Butcher Shop.
GourmetGiftBaskets - Plenty of choices, including healthy ones.

You can buy a single (tower of treats), or monthly (fruit of the month) deliveries of goodies.  And check your local supermarkets -- many offer a gift basket service, including delivery -- for savings and peak fruit.  If you have a favorite food basket company, please leave a comment.

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  1. One of my favorite companies is igourmet: http://www.igourmet.com/?source=pjn&subid=21889.

  2. This is a great idea!!! It will save time, gasoline and keep me sane.

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