Thursday, October 25, 2012

Add Red Oxblood To Your Closet ... Sounds Spooky!

Dress-Topshop, Pumps-Ann Taylor, Bag-ASOS-Nail Polish-Essie
Oh, but contraire!  Neutral colors are an indispensable part of a wardrobe.  You need a few dresses, skirts or leather basics, such as shoes and purses, in solid understated hues to stretch your trousseau. (Yesss, I'm teasing you with a fancy word, but you get my drift.) A few subdued, main-or-accent pieces will mix and complement other bright and flashy articles to form totally new outfits.

Perhaps it's my skin coloring, but I don't care much for beige.  What you see in my closet is black, navy blue and grey.

And now straight from the fashion runway comes a trendy color to join them.  Oxblood.  Darker than burgundy, oxblood is classic and bold, yet still appears understated and flatters nearly every skin tone.  Neither boring, nor overpowering, an oxblood blazer, or pair of heels look rich and warm.

This brownish-red color is ultra versatile.  Pair it with glitter or earth tones.  Also, red oxblood adds sophistication to busy patterns such as stripes, geometric designs and florals.

In a nutshell, oxblood is posh and down-to-earth ... bewitching and accessible.  You will not find a more perfect yin and yang color for your fall or winter wardrobe.  It is showing up as nail polish and lipstick too.

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  1. A great color for all skin types and hair shades!