Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Every year my Mother tells me not to buy her a gift because she doesn't need anything. It's a good thing I ignore her when she's wrong. She values a phone call and a thoughtful card, so I'm doing a round-up of images that would make lovely cards. A paper one is in the mail too. Happy Mother's Day, Mamma. xoxo.
This silhouette looks strikingly like my Mom. That's her nose, hair and earrings, and she has a dress with a similar collar. 
A sweet painting. Love the colors too.
I cannot believe my luck in finding this Superman logo. Read my account of a mother/daughter interaction. My Mom is still clueless!
You can find pretty images on the internet and use them in creative ways: 
1. Print on good paper, fold over and make your own cards. You may have to attach a blank sheet of paper inside to write on, if your paper isn't heavy enough.
2. Print an image (set on full page) and use to line the inside bottom of a box.
3. Print on full page and use as wrapping paper.

 To all mothers, enjoy your special day.

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