Monday, May 27, 2013

Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre Jugs with Hermetic Lids ... Brilliant

Come inside my refrigerator. 
See the glass beverage jugs above? I love them! Let me explain why.

I use a gallon of milk each week and always, always run out on a weekend. Fetching milk is a chore I can do without. Why it feels so vexing, I don't know exactly ... perhaps because it's so repetitive, and I don't like standing in lines to buy it. Plus, far too often I have to leave a cozy Sunday night roost to go out into the rain, cold or heat to shlep it home. 

So I decided to replace a task I don't like with one I don't mind. Now I order two big boxes of dry powdered milk from Walmart's online store. My order ships directly to my home free-of-charge. I mix a half gallon of milk at a time to keep in my refigerator. Price-wise, buying powdered milk is cheaper. I get an extra gallon of milk per box, which adds up to lots of savings over a year's time. I also discovered that the texture of baked goods and homemake yogurt is actually better using powdered milk. In my opinion, powdered milk tastes good as a beverage if you drink it cold. Glass keeps milk colder than plastic.

So that brings me back to the glass jugs. I need them to store cold ready-to-drink milk. I thought about using Mason jars before finding them. They are Frigoverre 1.2-liter glass pitchers made by Bormioli Rocco, an Italian manufacturer. I bought 4 pitchers. They are pretty! I feel like a farm girl taking a glass jug out of my refrigerator, pouring milk into coffee, or a recipe.

The handle is strong. The spout makes pouring a breeze, and the container is sleek and compact taking up only a small area of space in the refrigerator. The jugs fit in the shelves of the door, but I store them in the top center of the refrigerator so the milk is ice cold.
The jugs are a heavy duty glass and will not absorb the favors, odors or color of any foods stored inside. They also have innovative hermetic lids. It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of how to lock and unlock the lids, they seal air tight with ease.  You can shake the jugs without spilling any liquid.

I may use one or two of the jugs for iced tea this summer. Perhaps Italians serve red wine in them.

Easy to wash and reuse, they are the perfect refrigerator pitchers and should last a long time provided nobody drops one. Likewise, I will avoid pouring boiling water into them because glass is tricky and will crack with heat ... and then, I will definitely cry. The jugs come is 3 sizes: 0.5L, 1.2L and 2L.

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  1. Kate Jennifer SummersJune 3, 2013 at 10:25 AM

    First of all ... love the sutle humor you inject into your stories. Secondly, I seriously love these compact glass jugs and am ordering them! Thank you!

  2. @ Kate: Ahhh thanks, you made my day. :)