Wednesday, October 23, 2013

6PM.Com ... Outlet Shopping At Home

Calvin Klein Olwyn, $41.99 (53% off) 

6PM.COM just celebrated its sixth birthday, but I only discoverd the website recently. Best described as internet, outlet, shopping, it features name brand clearance clothing, shoes and accessories.

Since July, I've ordered several designer dresses and pairs of shoes, receiving tremendous savings. I needed 3 to 4 new summer dresses, as well as, the shoes to replace wardrobe items that wore out ... and was thrilled to find quality and style at bargain prices. Where was I for six years?

Customers can expect the same awesome customer service that sister company, Zappos, provides ... plus free shipping on all orders. But there is one difference. While Zappos offers free returns, at 6PM you pay for returns or exchanges if articles don't fit. In my opinion, the risk is acceptable because you get fabulous deals on all merchandise. You will come out ahead even when paying for return postage occasionally. To avoid ordering mistakes, do as much product research as possible. Read decriptions and google customer reviews. Other customers will talk about sizing and how they like the product. When purchases do work out, you save up to 75% off of retail.
Ted Baker

So try putting the name of your favorite brands in 6PM's search box before looking elsewhere. 

A customer loyalty program leads to additional 10% off coupons, which is a nice bonus. 

Above, meet Calvin Klein Olwyn, my new walking shoes. They are constructed of a leather and mesh material. Padding in the arches and heels, plus supportive rubber soles will make my feet happy. I love their dressy-and-sporty look. 

6PM has such a wide selection of designer goods, you really can find exactly what you need at budget-friendly prices.

Happy 6th year, 6PM.COM! Thanks for making it easy to be a savvy shopper!

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