Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 Websites That Save You Money

Like many of you, I find myself shopping more and more online lately. Not only is purchasing online convenient -- saving time and transportation costs -- the mechandise, itself, is often less expensive. Here are ten easy-to-navigate websites, which can save you big bucks on essentials, plus cut down on your errands ... leaving you with free time on your weekends:


1. Walmart - There is a wide range of non-perishable grocery and drugstore items you can order online and have delivered directly to your door with free shipping, as long as, you have a $50 minimun order. Examples include: bathroom tissue, snacks like dry roasted peanuts and Tazo chi tea, personal care products such as soaps, shampoo and hair condition, as well as, home goods like storage containers, blenders and food processors. The prices at Walmart are usually unbeatable; and it is easy to put together a $50 order of articles you need to restock each month.
2. Amazon - You can buy just about anything on the site -- truly the sky is the limit-- and there are always many sellers around the country, so you can select the best price. But, the reason this blog loves Amazon is because it offers amazing customer service, so if anything goes wrong with a purchase, Amazon will step in and help you resolve the issue.
3. Overstock - Offers lots of products, low prices and fabulous customer service. (See my review here.)
4. Zappos - Ditto. (See here.) Zappos began by selling shoes, but quickly expanded to include clothing and home goods. Their customer care is awesome.
5. 6PM.COM - Offers deep discounts on name brand clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. 6PM is Zappos' sister company, so you receive the same excellent customer service and free shipping on all orders. Unlike Zappos where returns are free, you pay to send back a mistake, which is fair enough considering the huge savings.


6. TheFind - A website to help you peruse your favorite stores, locate the best prices on goods of interest and (if you wish) receive sale alerts on products you like. You enter the name of a product in the search box to pull the information up.
7. InvisibleHand - A browser add-on to notify you when there are lower prices available on goods, flights, hotels and retal cars.
8. PriceGabber - A website that compares prices and provides product information so you can zero in on the best deals.
9. PoachIt - A browser add-on that tracks products you are watching to go on sale and emails you as the price goes down. 
10. RetailMeNot - A website to find discounts for all your favorite retail stores. I never buy anything without first checking this site for promotional codes to save 10% - 80%.

With a little help from the internet, you can always find the lowest price, rarely paying retail for anything. Plus, what a blast receiving packages in the mail these days!
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  1. Thanks for doing this research, Debra. I'm excited to try these websites and start saving some money! Good ideas.

  2. I had a good experience with Overstock recently- on the quest for chairs for my dad's condo. Logistics of actually going to the "Design District" in Miami were just impossible (not enough time basically) and the chairs that I bought, approx $200 spent on 4 chairs, had the look of stuff that design dudes were selling for circa $500 per chair. Happy that I ran out of time!