Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Wonderland Of Odds And Ends

Once a month I like to pay a visit to my local dollar store to pick up inexpensive little things I need. It always adds up to big savings. I buy shower curtain liners, microwave plate covers, dried spices, paper napkins, fancy bows and coffee filters. Why pay so much more elsewhere when you can get the same stuff for 99 cents? My local dollar store stocks a wide assortment of party and holiday items. And, you never know what you will find. I was happy with a 16 oz jar of Nathan's Deli Style Mustard I took a chance on, as well as, the capsicum thermal-rub creme I bought for my mother. It usually sells for $14, but listed on its label the same ingredients in the same proportions as the brand she buys. What a steal!

To be honest, there are some cleaning supplies and personal care products I wouldn't buy, but the blue liquid glass cleaner, with ammonia, is streak free and works as well as Windex. Likewise, I can't tell the difference between the baby powder and baby oil and their name brand counterparts.

So browse the aisles of a dollar store with an open mind, read the labels, and you're sure to leave with a few essentials – at 99 cents each – and still have some dollars left in your pockets.

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