Monday, March 23, 2009

Turning To The Web For Eyeglasses

It stemmed from my desire to leave stuff out of my backpack, the afternoon a Canadian friend came to town for a trade show. During a fun, "let's catch up" lunch at the show, I heard THE CRUNCH. I'd broken the frames of my eyeglasses, which if truth be told, I shouldn’t have tucked away in my vest pocket, instead of storing them in their protective case. Certainly I knew better, and now I had to shell out another $450 - $500 – that is, unless I could think of something else. Sometimes necessity, and making a dumb mistake, is the mother of invention. What if I replaced my frames without paying retail again? Could I get the same quality and pay less? For me the answer came through the power of the internet by exploring

Eyeglasses are sold in optical stores, but now with a little ingenuity, you can save 55% like I did by direct ordering. With a click of a mouse, you can search for the best style, brand and price. offers over 200,000 frames, and it’s easy using the browser function to narrow down and choose the frames and lenses that are right for you. You name it; the specs range from round, rimless, and flexible, to retro, funky and the hard-to-find. They carry Donna Karen, Baby Phat, Prada, Ralph Lauren and a myriad of other designer brands. You can find most shapes and all sizes and search by categories, or characteristics.

After you select your frames, the next step is to make your prescription lenses. You can read all about lenses online, or ask the staff, either by email or calling, to walk you through the process. I wanted to order everything I needed for my lens without paying for extras I didn’t need. By calling, a live person answers all your questions thoroughly. You can buy bifocals, or progressive prescription lenses, or order custom lenses with polarization, polycarbonate protection and other treatments. After placing my order, I faxed my prescription and received my beautiful, frameless glasses a week later. I saved $250, and nowadays my new glasses stay in their case or on my face.
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  1. That's a great offer about of prescription glasses you are showing cause I have seen company took almost triple this amount of you are paying. Many eyeglasses company don't do that but you are giving.